PROJECTEN waar wij uw financiële steun voor willen vragen:

  • Gitaarfestival op Vaderdag

    Het ultieme gitaardorp waar zowel het publiek als de gitarist zich kan laven aan 200 gitaristen op 12 podia. Van solist tot gitaarorkest en van klassiek, jazz, wereldmuziek tot singer-songwriter. Zowel professional als amateur. De plek waar je elkaar ontmoet om ervaringen uit te wisselen en ideeën op te doen. Een broedplaats voor gitaar liefhebbers.

  • Guitar Canon, 50 meester werken voor klassiek solo gitaar

    Gitaarsalon and Brava developed The Guitar Canon to start a debate to highlight the classical repertoire for guitar solo at both active and passive lover of this particular instrument.

    In that way, the current version is just a prototype to kick-of this project. A dynamic top 50 of the repertoire written for solo guitar in classical music. The Guitar Canon will derive its dynamic from the input of professional guitarists , amateur guitarists, stages and passive lovers. An active discussion at international level which will give an annual vote as to which piece and/or performer will lose his or her place for a newcomer of allure.

    The aim is in addition to the discussion also a better contact between and respect for performer and audience. Do they use the same criteria or walk the interests further and further apart. The Guitar Canon aims a brotherhood in which the synergy will prove the added value of this project.

    Through the discussion, of course ‘at the table’, but according this  project especially on Facebook, we strive for a leading role for The Guitar Canon that as a reference point should be apply to concerts, competitions and educational trainees.

    By stimulating the communication on Facebook it will become much more easy to exchange new footage or make notice of a newcomer.

    Also Guitar festivals will participate in our mission in organizing symposiums and master classes according the Guitar Canon.

Ja, ik wil graag de Gitaarsalon financieel steunen!