Guitar Canon – 50 masterpieces for the classical guitar

In 2007, the GitaarSalon began filming many of its concerts. It was a way of sharing the very intimacy of a small, friendly venue in provincial Holland… with a larger audience. In fledgling BravaTV, we soon found the perfect media partner. As well as several hundred GitaarSalon films now online.

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Guitar Canon videos

50 masterpieces for solo classical guitar

Nr.ComposerBorn-diedCompositionTime(to be ) recorded by
1Luys de Narváez1510-1555Canción del Emperador3’20”
2Luis Milán1500-15616 Pavane8’45”
3Alonso Mudarra1508–1580Fantasia2’00”
4John Dowland1562-1626The Frog Galliard2’15”Matthew McAllister
5Gaspar Sanz1640-1710Canarios 2’45”Rick Doornbos
6Robert de Visée1655 -1732Suite in d minor11’00”Lex Eisenhardt
7Johann Sebastian Bach1685-1750Chaconne13’30”Raphaella Smits
8Silvius Leopold Weiss1687-1750Fantasia 3’00”
9Domenico Scarlatti 1685–1757Sonata K 2084’15”Alberto Mesirca
10Mauro Giuliani1781-1829Grande Ouverture op. 618’00”Rolf van Meurs
11Fernando Sor 1778-1839Variations on a theme of Mozart, op.98’55”
12Niccolò Paganini1782-1840Capricci no.246’56”
13Dionisio Aguado1784-18493 rondo brilliants pour Guitare seule Op.28’55”Kristina O. Varlid
14Johann Kaspar Mertz 1806-1856Elegie9’00”
15AnonymousRomance Anónimo 2’30”Goran Krivokapic
16Francisco Tárrega 1852-1909Recuerdos de la Alhambra3’33”Xuefei Yang
17Isaac Albéniz 1860–1909Asturias (Leyenda) 6’00”Gabriel Bianco
18Joaquím Malats 1872–1912Serenata Española 3’51”
19Enrique Granados 1867–1916Danza Espagnola op.35 No. 55’05”
20Antonio José 1902-1936Sonata para Guitarra 18’30”
21Miguel Llobet 1878-1938Diez Canciones Populares Catalanas10’30”
22Julio Salvador Sagreras 1879-1942El Colibri1’30”
23Augustín Barrios Mangoré 1885-1944La Catedral6’57”
24Manuel de Falla 1876-1946Homenaje pour le Tombeau de Debussy 3’30”Alejandro Aparicio
25João Pernambuco 1883-1947Sons de Carrilhões2’30”Rogerio Bicudo
26Manuel María Ponce1882-1948Sonatina Meridional 8’58”
27Joaquín Turina 1882-1949Sonata Op.61 11’15”Fabian Freesen
28Heitor Villa-Lobos 1887-19595 Preludes17’00”Peter Constant
29Francis Poulenc 1899-1963Sarabande2’53”Jorrit Douwes
30Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco 1895-1968Capriccio Diabolico9’47”
31Frank Martin 1890-1974Quatre Pièces Brèves9’30”Martin van Hees
32Frederico Moreno Torroba1891-1982Suite Castellana10’00”Enno Voorhorst
33Alexander Tansman1897-1986Cavatina11’30
34William Walton1902-1983Five Bagatelles14’15”
35Joaquín Rodrigo1901-1999Invocacion y Danza7’30”
36Benjamin Britten1913-1976Nocturnal20’00”
37Maurice Ohana1913-1992Tiento5’20”
38Alberto Ginastera1916-1983Sonata op.4712’18”Sabrina Vlaskalic
39Antonio Lauro1917-1986Valses Venezolanos11’30”Frank Lamm
40Astor Piazzolla1921-1992Cinco Piezas21’00”
41Hans Werner Henze1926-2012Royal Winter Music 8’16”Otto Tolonen
42Toru Takemitsu1930-1996All in Twilight11’25”
43Leo BrouwerBorn 1939El Decameron Negro16’00”
44Carlo DomeniconiBorn 1947Koyunbaba9’16”
45Jorge CardosoBorn 1949Milonga4’24”
46Francis KleynjansBorn 1951A l’aube du dernier jour7’21”
47Sergio AssadBorn 1952Aquarelle13’00”
48Dušan BogdanovićBorn 1955Balkan Miniatures8’05”
49Roland Dyens1955 – 2016Libra Sonatine14’22”
50Nikita KoshkinBorn 1956Usher Waltz5’46”Marion Schaap
+1Joaquín Rodrigo1901-1999Concierto d’Aranjuez22’20”


Pieter Nanne Groot

As president, programmer and guardian of the objective of Foundation Gitaarsalon Pieter Nanne is directly involved in the development and content of this Platform for the guitar. A guitarist at heart who by its versatility knows how to combine the different style attributes to a beautiful language that’s his own.

A finished Bachelor at the Amsterdam Conservatory, for two years at the Hilversum Conservatory department jazz and improvisation, two years private Flamenco lessons with Eric Vaarzon Morel, one year tango guitar with Kay Sleking and supplemented with various master classes which has made him a guitarist who let the instrument speak for him. (;
In addition to his organizational tasks and administrative activities, he is still active as a guitar teacher and performer in different combinations to which recently The Guitar Road show is added.

Z.o.o. guitar duo (Marion Schaap en Peter Constant)

… has been described in Classical Guitar magazine as “premiere league quality”. Comprising the virtuoso talents of Peter Constant (Australian) and Marion Schaap (Dutch), both ‘Master of Music’ graduates of Yale University, the duo has built an international reputation over the past 20 years. Peter and Marion ran the guitar faculties of Melbourne University from 1992-1998, before moving to Holland where they are currently based (Almere). They have performed at countless podia and festivals in Europe, America en Asia, and appear on some 15 CD releases on various labels including Move Records, ABC Classics en Naxos.

The duo ‘Z.o.o.’ are prolific arrangers, from the music of Bach, Scarlatti, Vivaldi through to guiding and encouraging the many composers who have written especially for them. Z.o.o. guitar duo have long been leading exponents of ‘new generation’ guitars, such as luthiers Greg Smallman, Paul Sheridan, Jeroen Hilhorst, Graham Caldersmith. These include a unique collection of ‘guitar family’ instruments, which add new, rich tonal possibilities to the duo’s musical palette.

Peter and Marion are widely known as inspirational work in the field of guitar ensembles. They are the artistic directors of Stichting Gitaarorkest Nederland, and have led both the Netherlands and European Youth Guitar Orchestras with soloists including guitar ‘legend’ Pepe Romero. They have appeared as soloists with JGO Baden-Württenburg (Helmut Oesterreich), the Swiss Guitar Ensemble and various other leading guitar ensembles. Peter en Marion recently led an ensemble of 1,000 guitarists in the Olympic Stadium, Berlin, during the World Culture Festival 2011. Their annual ‘gitaarspektakel’ concerts are an established highlight on the Dutch guitar calendar.


Frank Lamm

As young as 11, Frank started his musical career at the Waalwijkse Muziekschool. His passion: the guitar. After finishing highschool, Frank can finally focus on music fulltime. He continues his studies at the Brabants conservatorium, under the auspices of Hein Sanderink. In 1996, Frank graduates with distinction as a Teacher of Music, a degree that enables him to teach in Drunen’s Music School Aleph today.

In the aftermath of his studies, Frank attends several masterclasses, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Amongst others, he studies with Raphaella Smits (Belgium), David Russell (Scotland), Roberto Aussel (Argentinia) and Laura Young (Canada). In 1998, Frank completed his Master studies. In 1995, Duolisme is born, when Frank and Peter Thissen start their collaboration, travelling across the globe to England, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Netherlands Antilles, Malaysia and Scotland, where they taught a masterclass at the Music Academy in Glasgow in 2008. Duolisme also performed during the 18th edition of Iserlohn Guitar Symposium in Germany. During this time, Duolisme has recorded four CD’s, each in a distinct and individual style: La Guitarra Poética (2000), Ornamenten (2004), Retratos (2004) Dreams, Rest and Motion (2008), an album containing Latin American music and a Gary Ryan composition, written specifically for this album.

Unfortunately, after fifteen years of fruitful collaboration, health problems have forced Peter Thissen to put an end to his career as a performing guitarist. Consequently, Frank Lamm now performs as a solo artist. Frank recorded two CD ’s Garoeda (2011) symbolizes his transition from a duo-player to a solo performer and PÄRT II (2014). Recently Frank is also member of The Guitar Road show (2014).


Definition Guitar Canon

Guitar Canon gives us the overview in literature for solo guitar. The canon consists of the 50 most influential and iconic works composed for guitar, original, or transcriptions that have proven themselves over time as being standard works for the classic solo repertoire for guitar.

Obviously, this canon is a snapshot from the perspective of the five promoters who have wanted to lay down a basis only for the discussion. Guitar music develops in such a way that the canon can be updated every 5 years. And what about the inevitable (and interesting) polemic. The choice of the following 50 Frames will inspire a heated debate in the guitar scene and that’s where we are looking for, so hope you do not feel shy to be part of that discussion. Come and join!

Mission Guitar Canon

Gitaarsalon and Brava developed Guitar Canon to start a debate to highlight the classical repertoire for guitar solo at both active and passive lover of this particular instrument. In that way, the current version is just a prototype to kick-of this project. A dynamic top 50 of the repertoire written for solo guitar in classical music.

Guitar Canon will derive its dynamic from the input of professional guitarists, amateur guitarists, stages and passive lovers. An active discussion at international level which will give an annual vote as to which piece and/or performer will lose his or her place for a newcomer of allure. The aim is in addition to the discussion also a better contact between and respect for performer and audience. Do they use the same criteria or walk the interests further and further apart. Guitar Canon aims a brotherhood in which the synergy will prove the added value of this project.

Through the discussion, of course ‘at the table’, but according this project especially on Facebook, we strive for a leading role for Guitar Canon that as a reference point should be apply to concerts, competitions and educational trainees.

By stimulating the communication on Facebook it will become much more easy to exchange new footage or make notice of a newcomer. Also Guitar festivals will participate in our mission in organizing symposiums and master classes according the Guitar Canon.

Partners and Funds who support Guitar Canon

Special thanks to:
– Petronella Andriessen Fonds
– Nora Baart Fonds.