Baden Powell Latin

Baden Powell de Aquino was born August 6, 1937 in Varre-e-Sai.
At the age of seven he started to play classical guitar. At the age of fourteen he got a diploma at the conservatory in Rio. By fifteen he was a professional musician, by twenty he was a famous composer. Important for his musical development was his father Lilo, his teacher Jaime Florence, also the poets Vinicius de Moraes and Paulo Cesar Pinheiro. Baden created the most famous brazilian songs of that period with these poets. Nowadays this songs belong to the classics.

His album “Tristeza On Guitar” was in 1966 an international success.
In 1967 he gave a concert at the “Berliner Jazztage”, which was enthusiastically celebrated in Germany. From these days forward the german audience honored and loved him.
In 1970 the “Baden Powell Quartet” started its first european and japan tour, which was a big success. Many album releases showed an experimental and improvising musician who knew how to add baroque modulations to his synthesis of samba and jazz music. In these days he made recordings of high musical quality, a fusion of afro-brazilian and european music culture.

In the mid 70’s Baden Powell got into a serious health crisis and his public appearances and his recordings became rare.
In 1983 he moved with his wife and his two sons to Baden-Baden and he lived some years retired. With his solo performances in Europe he was able to resume older successes. Back to Brazil he recorded the album “Rio das Valsas” in 1988, which had a great musical atmosphere and his interpretations became more mature.
In addition to this he cared for the musical education of his sons Philippe-Baden and Louis-Marcel. In May 2000 he published one of his last albums “Lembrancas”, which is the legacy of a great master of the brazilian guitar.

He died on September 26, 2000 in Rio de Janeiro.

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