David Russell – Klassiek

David Russell (born in 1953 in Glasgow) is a classical guitarist. He plays Matthias Dammann guitars.

When Russell was five years of age, his family moved from Glasgow to Minorca, where he became interested in the guitar, imitating the likes of Andrés Segovia and Julian Bream.

Today, Russell resides in Galicia, but spends most of his time touring, appearing in such cities as New York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Madrid, Toronto, Amsterdam, and Denver. He is regularly invited to play in music festivals.

David has won amateur golf tournaments, mainly in Scotland and Spain. He is an avid supporter of his local football team, Celta de Vigo.

During his studies at the Royal Academy of Music, Russell won the Julian Bream Guitar Prize twice and received a scholarship from the Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust. Later he won numerous international competitions, including the Andrés Segovia Competition, the José Ramírez Competition, and Spain’s Francisco Tárrega Competition.

Russell was named a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music in London in 1997.

In May 2003 he was awarded the honour of being made “adopted son” of Es Migjorn, the town on Minorca where he grew up.

In November 2003 he was given the Medal of Honour of the Conservatory of the Balearics.

In 2005, he won a Grammy Award for best instrumental soloist in classical music for his CD Aire Latino.

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