David Golek en Berend vd Berg

20mrt15:0017:00David Golek en Berend vd Berg15:00 - 17:00 Westerstraat 217, Enkhuizen


The David Golek/ Berend Van Den Berg has been best described as a dynamic,
poetic and soulful duo, presenting a blend of original composition and
Jazz standards.
In the Jazz tradition a guitar/ piano duo is quite rare because of the
similar range and functions these instruments play and therefore tend more
easily to clash in their playing with one another. In order for it to work
out well you need musicians with great musicality, sense of space & timing
and above all mutual respect.
This duo was created in 2012 with 2 musicians who took the challenge to
explore new ways of playing their own original music as well as Jazz
standards in own arrangements.
Berend Van Den Berg – Piano
David Golek – Guitar
David Golek & Berend vd Berg



(Zondag) 15:00 - 17:00



Westerstraat 217, Enkhuizen

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