Duo Fratticelli bij Edesche Gitaarrecitals

19apr15:0017:00Duo Fratticelli bij Edesche Gitaarrecitals15:00 - 17:00 Amsterdamseweg 9, Ede


 “The unique fusion of the Swedish perfection and the Argentinian passion”


Johannes Möller’s close collaboration with the Argentinean guitarist Laura Fraticelli have resulted in a unique form of musical expression. Their emotional playing style as well as their strong connection and stage presence make their performances unforgettable events.


Duo Möller-Fraticelli performed throughout Europe, North and South America as well as on radio and TV. The Duo have recently finished a recording with the works of Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856) for the Naxos label. The recording is to be released in 2014.


Additionally to the works of Mertz their repertoire includes Argentinean tangos original composed for guitar duo as well as their own original compositions.



Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856)
Am Grabe der Geliebten
Ich Denke Dein

Justo Tomas Morales (1877-1953)

Federico Spreafico (1871-1958)
A ti solita!…

Julio Sagreras (1879-1942)

Karolus Arnoldus Craeyvanger (1817-1868)
Introduction and Variation sur un thème de l’opera Der Freischütz

Johann Kaspar Mertz

Johannes Möller
From Her Source to the Sea (2013)

Johannes Möller/Laura Fraticelli
Rasa-Lila (2009)



(Zondag) 15:00 - 17:00


Edesche Concertzaal

Amsterdamseweg 9, Ede

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