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24jul08:0008:00IGF Guitar Summit08:00 - 08:00 Londen,90, York Way


IGF Guitar Summit will consist of four different courses and four concerts find out more about the courses, the concerts, the tutors and how to book below!

Classical with David Russell and Rafael Aguirre

“Some people are self taught, others start with teachers from a very early age, some come to the guitar much later in their lives, others migrate to classical guitar from other styles.

Having a teacher can save a lot of heartache and many wasted hours of practice. I feel it is necessary at least during a large portion on one’s apprenticeship to have a regular teacher. Moreover, the benefit of masterclasses and workshops can be an enormous compliment to one’s regular study. I feel that my purpose in working with students is to inspire them and hopefully compliment their regular studies. Often a new point of view can bring excitement and new life to those hours of practice that we all need to be able to improve. My own personal experience was that I learnt an enormous amount in masterclasses and in courses that I attended as a young player. For this reason, I value this form of study. Everybody is welcome on this course and we hope to have a good guitar time together.”


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Flamenco with Juan Martin

This Flamenco Guitar course by Juan Martin will be based on his teaching materials and is suitable for guitarists of various levels who have either played some flamenco before or guitarists of other styles wishing to learn about flamenco.  The group will be divided into different levels to study the many techniques and various rhythms of flamenco.  Juan will cover the main styles of flamenco from soleá to alegrias and bulerias as well as the rumba and ‘toques  libres’ (free styles) like granaina and tarantas.  In the techniques, Juan Martin will cover the necessary techniques including various types of ‘rasgueados’ (broadly – strumming) arpeggio and picado.

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Acoustic Fingerstyle with Mike Dawes

The Acoustic Fingerstyle course is suitable for a varied ability range, targeted at musicians with at least a basic understanding of fingerstyle guitar. During these sessions, Mike will be covering a variety of topics including alternate tunings, right and left hand technique, the ‘one man band approach’ and understanding/ improving live sound. Additionally, a wide selection of modern percussive techniques will be analysed and incorporated into existing pieces, expanding student’s timbral palette, whilst simultaneously introducing new and exciting musical extracts.

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Jazz Fingerstyle with Martin Taylor and Dario Cortese

“Martin Taylor – The Art of Solo Jazz Guitar”

In this rare masterclass award-winning fingerstyle jazz guitarist and online teacher Martin Taylor demonstrates his unique solo style and talks about his career working with artists including Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins and Stephane Grappelli.

Martin Taylor is a Grammy nominated fingerstyle guitarist, solo jazz guitar virtuoso and online guitar teacher.  Pat Metheny says Martin Taylor is “one of the most awesome solo guitar players in the history of the instrument” while Jeff Beck thinks Taylor “out-shred’s all of us put together….I’ve never seen anything like it”.  As one of the world’s most popular online guitar teachers and providers of guitar lessons online, Taylor now helps people in over 80 countries learn how to play guitar and become better guitarists.

He has collaborated with the biggest names in guitar music including Tommy Emmanuel, Jeff Beck, Chet Atkins, Frank Vignola, Barney Kessell, Earl Klugh, Herb Ellis, Scotty Moore, Julian Lage, Andreas Oberg, Albert Lee, Ulf Wakenius, Tony McManus, Martin Simpson and Laurence Juber.  In addition to this he has been awarded two honorary doctorates, a BBC lifetime achievement award, an IAJE Jazz Educators award, Top 10 albums in both the USA and UK, a record 14 British Jazz Awards and in 2002 he was appointed MBE ‘For Services to Jazz Music’ by the Queen of Great Britain. Today his online jazz guitar lessons and fingerstyle guitar videos have been watched by over 1 million guitarists worldwide.

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The Concerts

Friday 25th July 7:30, Kings Place- Juan Martin

Saturday 26th July 7:30, Kings Place- Martin Taylor with support from Mike Dawes

Sunday 27th July 7:30, Kings Place- David Russell

Monday 28th July 5:00, Kings Place- IGF’s Guitar Summit Participants in Concert




(Donderdag) 08:00 - 08:00


King's Place

Londen,90, York Way

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