Guitar Salon International

The world’s largest retailer of fine classical and flamenco guitars. Guitar Salon International (GSI) is the world’s largest retailer of fine classical and flamenco guitars. GSI is comprised of experienced players with a love for the guitar (the video and audio demonstrations prove this). They have over 25 years experience in dealing in fine instruments.They believe that the key to success lies in love of the guitar and in conviction that must only sell guitars that they believe in. All of the staff, plays the guitar. And over the years some have become leading authorities on certain epochs and luthiers, contributing articles to such publications as American Lutherie and The Classical Guitar: A Complete History, along with many other publications.
In the selection of the best contemporary guitar makers, they have chosen to represent those that we believe create instruments that are built to last – both in terms of musical quality and investment. They realize that for most of the clients, a guitar represents a substantial investment, both emotionally as well as financially. As a result, many of the young luthiers they highlight as the best of their generation proceed to become the world’s most sought-after builders.

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