Koblenz International Guitar Festival

The Koblenz International Guitar Festival and Academy proactively raises the standards of artistry and scholarship for benefit of the guitar and its students and supporters.

Encourage artistic excellence, scholarship and philanthropy by organising events that promote the concert guitar on a worldwide basis. We provide leadership for benefit of international concert artists, students, organizations and supporters alike.

The Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy is widely renowned for raising the standards of excellence in the organization of events and support of the guitar as a concert instrument.

The Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy annually brings the greatest names in the international guitar scene and aids in the formation of more than 200 students by providing masterclasses, seminars and presentations unlike any of their kind in the world.

We support the NGO: “ONGD David Russell y María Jesús”, an organization which develops projects in Africa for building wells for drinking water and other hydrological resources, and education projects in other countries.


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