Raphaël Faÿs Jazz

Raphaël Faÿs was born the guitar between arms, of a father guitarist of Jazz who had a lightning and promising beginning of career. He works the directory of his master Django Reinhardt and is recognized as the exceptionally gifted heir of the tradition. Raphaël Faÿs’s musical world crosses Europe. His play is constituted by a large guitar experiences. Raphaël Faÿs’s musical world crosses Europe. His play is constituted by a large guitar experiences.


He likes the flamenco from 1987 when he met Paco de Lucia in Paris. In the same time he is already recognized as a virtuoso of the classic guitar as much as the guitar of jazz.
Although his instrumental ease favours a fast learning of the technique flamenca which he interprets with the “poua” called plectrum, it seems that, by modesty doubtless, he will have expected from long years before daring to centre his work on this style. He has already composed numerous works of inspiration flamenco : bulérias, alégrias, Fandango, a perfect success which he expresses brilliantly in his extraordinary and original interpretation.
Further to albums “Andalucia” in 2008 and “Extremadura” in 2009. Raphaël Faÿs proposes his new album today ” Mi Camino Con El Flamenco “.
He matures his play and his reflection. He offers new versions of some pieces composed by el Maestro Paco de Lucia “Entre dos Aguas” and “Rio Ancho” in the expression of his own flamenco.
Therefore, he proposes a new lighting of this music and in a way he widens the limits Raphaël Fays makes more than fusing two styles, gypsies and flamenco, he reports what, beyond the borders of Spain and the Eastern Europe,  is common to these two gypsies communities,  European gipsies and the Spanish-Andalusian. The life took away to them but their history is common.
Rare are the musicians who in the style of Raphaël Faÿs will have known how to investigate musical fields so varied as demanding with the same conviction, the same righteousness and the same happiness. More than the performance, it is the humanity and the generosity of the work that it is advisable to greet today.

The flamenco of Raphaël Faÿs is naturally its own music, which he wants to share with the public. He pursues his road and asserts himself by his own style !

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