Reinier Baas Jazz

Reinier Baas (1985) is a guitarist based in Amsterdam, Holland. Graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam with the highest honors and a finalist for the prestigious Deloitte Jazz Award (2010), he is fast gaining a reputation as one of Holland’s most promising young players. Baas’ slightly peculiar and tenacious, yet inventive and original style has led him to perform at Holland’s finest venues over the last years: the Bimhuis (More Socially Relevant Jazz Music), Lowlands (as a guest soloist with the Dutch Youth Jazz Orchestra), North Sea Jazz Festival (with Mona Lisa Overdrive) and the Royal Concertgebouw (with Anton Goudsmit and Stefan Lievestro), among others.

Reinier heads his own quintet: the illustrious More Socially Relevant Jazz Music Ensemble, featuring hideously talented alto saxophonists Ben van Gelder and Maarten Hogenhuis. Their debut ‘More Socially Relevant Jazz Music’ (Mainland Records, 2011) was hailed by peers and critics alike as a record having “an organic sound, teeming with pleasure”, involving “technical inventiveness and a perfect ear for intensely built songs, that will play in your ears until long after hearing them”. The second album of Reinier Baas and his Ensemble is called ‘Mostly Improvised Instrumental Indie Music” and will be released in November 2012. Read more about them here.

Reinier Baas teaches at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede. He is a member of the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra.

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