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De zwarte metalen gitaarsteun van Ergo Play.
Een van de eerste modellen,die ook voor lange mensen voldoende in hoogte instelbaar zijn.
Bovendien kantelbaar voor een meer natuurlijke speelhouding. De zuignappen zijn verwisselbaar. Zelfklevende folie voor bevestiging op een minder perfecte laklaag is bijgevoegd. Deze gitaarsteun is geschikt voor de klassieke gitaar en western gitaar. De steun zorgt ervoor dat het zittend comfortabel speelt zonder gitaarriem. De zuignappen kunt u eenvoudig bevestigen aan de klankkast. De hoek en hoogte van de gitaarbeugel is tevens verstelbaar. De Ergo Play steun is uitermate geschikt: je houdt beide voeten op de grond en je kunt je rug ontspannen. Je zit niet meer scheef doordat je wervelkolom recht blijft.

You need not spend a fortune on fancy nail oils. If you want one of the best nail conditioners, Onymyrrhe, is a product that you can rub nightly into the matrix areas (lunula and cuticle area) of nails. A bottle is expensive, about $20, but lasts for nearly two years. Even if you use Onymyrrhe, it is still important to rub oil into your nails throughout the day.

Nail Care : Some Don’t and Do’s

  • Don’t push your cuticles back with a hard tool. Doing so may damage the matrix, the part that generates new nail and makes the nail proteins.
  • Do push damp cuticles back gently with a towel over your finger.
  • Don’t use acetone-containing solvents on your nails.
  • Do use non-acetone containing solvents to remove nail products.
  • Don’t get solvents like gasoline, turpentine, etc. on your nails.
  • Do wear protective gloves when working with solvents.
  • Don’t repeatedly wash/dry your hands and nails. (Hard for physicians among us.) Do wear protective gloves when house cleaning, doing dishes, etc. Do keep you nails well oiled to minimize their drying out excessively.
  • Don’t spend a lot of time in chlorinated swimming pools. Do keep you nails well oiled if you must.
  • Don’t cut back your cuticles. You may damage the nail growth matrix. You may wish to avoid professional manicures, or ask your manicurist NOT to cut back your cuticles, but to oil them and gently push them back.
  • Don’t file nails all the way down to the nail bed at the sides. Doing so takes away the natural nail wrap that protects from horizontal splits.
  • Do invest in a really good nail file.
  • Do always have a nail file with you. Snags can happen any time.
  • Do invest in very fine abrasive paper like that sold by the Classical Guitar Store as nail paper. Wrapped over a nail file, it can polish the edges and under-edges of your nails. A four-way nail buffer works well too. Buff only the edges and under-edges of nails. Buffing the tops on nails will thin them.
  • Don’t reflexively reach out to do things with your right hand. Think! Do figure out how to do nail-risky things left-handed.
  • Do rub oils into your nails several times a day and always after washing your hands.

Miro’s Guitar Nails is an innovative nail care system for all guitarists. More than 20 year’s research and development have now gone into this product which was the first in its field and is unique.

Its developer Miro Simic has collaborated with established medical and scientific researchers. He is an accomplished guitarist and teacher and is a leading nail expert, who regularly gives seminars and courses on nail care all over the world.

The package lasts quite long and the nails are very hard after 3 or 4 layers of silk and glue. You can do your dishes, take a shower, bath, swim, if you put them properly, they’ll hold. With this product you can not only reinforce your nails, you can also lengthen the broken nail. This can be a life saver!

Miro’s nails have been used for years by guitarists whose names are famous worldwide, now you have a chance.

Their Missie

Our mission is to help each player and every instrument reach their fullest potential. Our aspiration is to provide you with the best customer service and prices on the web for both common and uncommon strings as well as music, accessories, DVDs and CDs.

From immediate feedback regarding orders to questions about the sound qualities of new string choices, we are always there for our customers.

On facebook, we hope to provide guitarists the world around with information about their vocation or avocation, and to give them a forum in which to ask questions, announce gigs, etc.


Strings By Mail has been selling guitar strings, accessories, books, CDs, DVDs, guitars and sheet music for over a decade. Long recognized for our classical guitar products we now carry a complete selection of strings and accessories for acoustic and electric guitars as well as strings for virtually any plucked or bowed instruments.

String Factory

Once upon a time was my passion for picks born.

My brother played guitar and used to often lose his picks, as little as I may have been I used to endlessly pick them up.
Later on, playing guitar myself, the little plastic triangle was just as undisciplined, as it used to slip through my fingers, harming my musical concentration.
Many years later, I borrowed my music tutor’s pick, and forgot to give it back. On the following day he died in a car accident. My sorrow was such that in his memory I planted his pick on his tomb.
Throughout the years has the pick’s seed grown, from the intimate and intense relationship that Guitar and I have built, from the love of Sound and Music, from the compulsory osmosis that exists between a guitar player and the Instrument. Dugain’s pick was born from this life link.

1968: Birth of my passion for Guitar

Not long after do I follow a very intense training with my guitar and music teacher: Joseph Dejean who has disappeared on the 9th of June 1976, leaving me with the obligation of becoming a self taught player.
At the age of 13, I perform my first concerts with a band in different Parisian cultural centres and start teaching Guitar and musical theory through particular and collective classes.
1977: The « DUGAIN pick» concept was created.

Encountering several problems with all kind of picks through the years, especially troubles of pre-emption due to fingers perspiration holding it, I discover the non-slippery advantage of wood with which I used to build homemade picks. Some guitar colleagues have then started to ask me to build them some.

1982: birth of the ‘ergonomic’ pick

Considering the success of a potential commercialisation of this new pick, I got information from INPI regarding the type of protection I could expect. The answer was that there was no protection what so ever. Pick already existed, the simple use of a different material to build it, was not a good enough reason for it to be patented, there had to be a change in shape for it to be subject to a new patent. After much thought I discovered that if creating a pick off a 4mm thick piece, I could dig prints on each side, and then guarantee the optimum holding. The non-skid quality of wood, offering a sucking effect, finally enabling the player to forget the existence of the pick between his or her fingers, substantial advantage as one knows how hard it may sometimes be to keep a pick in hand.
All I then had to do from then on was to sharpen the pick head. The 4mm of thickness had to be reduced as much as possible to allow the player to attack the string with the edge of the pick. This is how I started specialising in picks profiling, discovering that each guitar player may require a particular shape depending on the way of holding, but also because each shape offered different sounds, going from the warmest : thick pick, to the sharpest : sharp thin pick.

May 1985:

I receive the 4th price (of 5) of the ‘company creating competition’ of Jacques Douce Foundation (2 000 participants). I was then not only presenting my project of ‘ergonomic pick’, but also a project of a case made of invaluable wood inspired by the pick which deserved a case as precious as itself. I had previously patented little cases containing a little built in slot maintained by magnets and a closing system also magnetic and invisible.

1990, I was making approximately 40 000 picks distributed in several European countries, United states, distributed by Jim Dunlop Co, the main international supplier of accessories for music instruments, in Canada and Japan.
Today, we offer you a wide catalogue which we will keep regularly fleshing out with new models to satisfy as many guitar players as possible.
Pickly yours !


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