Miro’s Guitar Nails

Miro’s Guitar Nails is an innovative nail care system for all guitarists. More than 20 year’s research and development have now gone into this product which was the first in its field and is unique.

Its developer Miro Simic has collaborated with established medical and scientific researchers. He is an accomplished guitarist and teacher and is a leading nail expert, who regularly gives seminars and courses on nail care all over the world.

The package lasts quite long and the nails are very hard after 3 or 4 layers of silk and glue. You can do your dishes, take a shower, bath, swim, if you put them properly, they’ll hold. With this product you can not only reinforce your nails, you can also lengthen the broken nail. This can be a life saver!

Miro’s nails have been used for years by guitarists whose names are famous worldwide, now you have a chance. www.mirosimic.com

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