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Gary Ryan is one of the world’s foremost classical guitarists.  He captivates audiences with his exceptional virtuosity and creative genius and has won universal acclaim for his formidable blend of flawless technique, profound musical artistry and highly varied concert programmes.

In May 2013 Gary was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Music, London, by HRH Prince Charles in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the international musical world.
“… jewel-like precision… technical prowess… such fluency and musicality.”
The Daily Telegraph

Gary RyanAs an internationally acclaimed performer, Gary takes the audience on a unique and fascinating musical journey, coaxing an extraordinary wealth of sounds from the instrument and revealing its full potential by performing music from all eras and styles. He is celebrated for breathing new life into the classical guitar recital with his own highly innovative compositions which challenge traditional perceptions of the instrument. With his charismatic and engaging platform style, Gary’s concerts are always exceptionally well-received.

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