Max Guitar

Max Guitar is different. Having started out as a small, specialized guitar shop for tone connoisseurs, we have grown to be one of the largest guitars stores in the Benelux, if not Europe. Why? Because of our relentless commitment to quality, both to the gear that we sell, as well as to the customer experience we provide. What sets us apart, is that we never lost that commitment in the process. So now you can step in to a giant store with thousands of guitars, amps, effects and everything else you may need, and still feel as if you are the only customer.

Leave that to our dedicated staff. Actually, it is stores – plural. In addition to our flagship store in The Hague – the birthplace of Dutch rock’n’roll – we have expanded to Utrecht (conveniently located in the heart of The Netherlands). Both stores provide an amazing collection of great new & used guitars, effect pedals, (tube) amplifiers and accessories. In both stores you will find the prices and size of the biggest chain stores, combined with the pleasant experience of visiting a small, dedicated shop. That is probably why a large percentage of our early customers have accompanied us throughout our journey to become the biggest and the best – they are still with us today!