The Fellowship of Acoustics

TFOA is established from scratch in 2001, but the seed had to be planted somewhere. And the older I get the more I look back into family history and realize that if- my grandfather wouldn’t have made the decision to learn to play organ around 1930 – and if-  my father  wouldn’t have joined him in the same Choir years later-  first as a singer- later on as the director of that choir- neither me- nor my youngest brother, or my kids would have been involved in music these days.
The awareness of this historical important decision my grandfather made- perhaps taken instantaneously and spontaneous within a crucial minute- made me realise how a simple decision can change the cause of history.
Especially the Bults family history changed and continues to change faster and faster in a Tsunami like way due to this decision. It didn’t only effect my life and that of my youngest brother, but also that of our sons and daughters.
My kids are fulltime engaged in the shop, but also a good number of my three younger brothers kids are involved in music these days- even the life of some of our foster kids changed significantly by getting infected with the guitar playing virus. And it all started with my grandfather somewhere around 1930!